Northpoint Commercial Finance Joins EMDA

Alpharetta, GA, December 16, 2015 – Northpoint Commercial Finance, a diversified inventory finance company that provides flexible inventory lending and floorplan financing solutions, has become a member of the Equipment Marketing Distribution Association (EMDA).

EMDA is the international association for wholesaler-distributors and manufacturers’ representatives of agricultural and related industry equipment and parts. EMDA members have served as the vital link between manufacturers and North American retail dealers for generations.

“We have a long history of working in the agricultural industry with manufacturers, distributors and dealers and we look forward to continuing to support this underserved agriculture market niche,” said John Durnien, SVP at Northpoint. “Even though we are a national lender, we work with dealers of all sizes. We are well-versed in the industry’s financing needs and challenges companies face.”

Northpoint is the only inventory finance member of EMDA and has already established inventory floorplan financing programs with distributors such as Cummings & Bricker, Inc., Edney Distributing Co., Inc., and Show-Me Shortline, LLC.

Gene Cummings, President of Cummings and Bricker, said “Northpoint leverages experience and innovative technology to provide exceptional service to our customers. This is a highly customer-focused organization that has been particularly responsive to our needs and that will benefit our dealer partners.”

“We’re proud to be an active member of EMDA. And we’re excited that our customized inventory financing programs can give distributors another way to help their dealers grow and expand their product lines,” Durnien added.

EMDA Executive Vice President Pat Collins noted the importance of flexible financing for the success of members. “Financing is a critical growth factor, no question. We’re excited to partner with Northpoint and bring members another financing option.”

Northpoint executives previously ran Textron Financial Corp.’s EDCO financing program for dealers.

About Northpoint Commercial Finance
Northpoint Commercial Finance, with offices throughout North America, is a diversified inventory finance company that partners with manufacturers, distributors and dealers to provide flexible financing to their distribution channels. Northpoint combines experience with innovative technologies, fresh ideas, streamlined processes and customer focus.
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