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There are many ways to work with Northpoint, so we make it easy to find the solution that works for you. See our most common services below. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, you can still reach out. We’d love to have a conversation about how we can help your business.

Inventory Financing

Creative floorplan financing solutions for manufacturers, suppliers and dealers.

Northpoint’s Inventory financing establishes a revolving credit facility for each dealer to purchase inventory from their respective suppliers. As the inventory is sold to end-users, the borrower repays Northpoint. Each month, the manufacturer or the dealer, pay Northpoint interest to support the financing.

Benefits for manufacturers and dealers:

  • Manufacturers can increase the credit capacity of their dealer base and drive sales growth.
  • Reduced risk and administration by effectively outsourcing the credit and collection process to Northpoint, allowing specific and consistent payment dates.
  • Dealers increase their stocking levels and make more sales by having inventory on hand.
  • Cash flow is improved by not having to pay out of pocket to secure inventory.
  • The Northpoint advance rate on inventory, typically 100%, is much higher than a local bank can provide.


This approach is used for slower turning products with serial numbers. Under this scenario, dealers make payments as the inventory is sold. Inventory inspections are conducted regularly to verify the collateral and dealer performance.

Scheduled Payment Plan

This approach is used in instances where the inventory turns rapidly or may lack serial numbers. The repayment structure is based upon anticipated and historical inventory turns.

Channel Financing

Channel Finance gives manufacturers, distributors and resellers integrated working capital solutions designed to add value by matching the movement of inventory from origin through end-user payment. This tool leverages inventory and commercial accounts receivables to provide short term working capital solutions that facilitate product flow along the entire supply chain.

Benefits for Resellers:

  • Accelerated growth through increased credit capacity.
  • Extended terms financing to match reseller’s actual cash conversion cycle.
  • Enhanced profitability through interest-free financing and increased availability via a 100% advance rate.
  • Unique program offerings for the Small & Medium Business (SMB) market.

Exclusive & Private Label

With an exclusive program, Northpoint acts as the single source of floorplan financing allowing the manufacturer significantly enhanced input on program design and management. These exclusive inventory finance offerings may be marketed and managed under the manufacturer name through a captive, private label or virtual joint venture structure.


  • Dedicated dealer credit lines so manufacturers can avoid product shipment conflicts and credit line capacity restraints.
  • Custom analytics provide valuable insight into product turn and replenishment needs.
  • Dedicated Northpoint staffing creates a coordinated approach with the manufacturer, deepening dealer relationships and fostering growth.
  • Dealer benefits from more robust supplier supported terms and greater program flexibility designed around their unique needs.

Services Only Offerings

Put Northpoint Commercial Finance’s deep core competencies to use in some or all backroom functions, along with a robust, best-in-class operating system.

In a Service Only relationship, Northpoint serves as a third party partner, typically to a Manufacturer, Distributor, Vendor or other Investor, to conduct certain, or all, backroom functions. These functions can run the entirety from order taking to cash application, and typically include processes such as credit underwriting, portfolio performance monitoring, collections, cash applications and in field audit services.


  • Remove the hassle of managing your credit portfolio, allowing you to focus on designing and bringing high quality products to market.
  • Set how your services are managed by controlling your credit parameters, customer rates and terms and Northpoint can also provide this function on-site at the customer’s location.
  • Receive a predictable, scalable cost to serve for your portfolio.
  • Your customers receive best-in-class customer service through Northpoint’s commitment to being responsive, flexible and efficient.
  • Choose whether you want Northpoint to serve as a full-time portfolio servicer, as a backup or contingent servicer or as a successor servicer.