Increase the credit available to pursue bigger deals and accelerate growth.

Northpoint Commercial Finance works with manufacturers, distributors and resellers to provide a single source of credit for resellers to use across suppliers, increasing accessible credit and providing favorable, extended terms. The result is increased liquidity, decreased risk, and better product flow across the supply chain. So give us a call to see what we can do for you. We know you’ll enjoy working with us.

Meet Your Experts

Robert Wagner • United States

Senior VP - Business Development
Industries: CEA (Consumer Electronics & Appliances), Technology

Robert Wagner possesses over 25 years of financial services experience, perpetuating growth in core industries, accelerating expansion in the technology sector, and managing the development of national Asset-Based Lending in the middle and lower middle markets. Previously, Robert served as Managing Director for Wells Fargo Capital’s supply chain finance business, was Division President at Textron Financials’ Asset-Based Lending department, and has held key positions at Conseco Finance, GE Capital and Deutsche Financial Services.

Robert is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, holding a degree in Economics, and is also Six Sigma certified.

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Backed by Laurentian Bank

With Northpoint’s foundation and reputation in the industry built, Laurentian Bank, which has been in business for over 170 years, acquired Northpoint Financial in 2017. With over $45 billion* in assets, a solid cultural alignment and variety of financing solutions, Laurentian Bank ensures stability for the foreseeable future while allowing Northpoint Financial to maintain its personal, flexible approach.